What do you know about Samsung? Many of you will remember her smartphones, mobile phones and household appliances. Others will recall Apple trials, patent infringements, and scandalous ads. But not everyone is aware that Samsung is a rather old Korean brand, which is absolutely not like everything that we know about large companies from Europe and the USA. Let's look “inside this Korean” and I guarantee you will be surprised at his entrepreneurial power, opportunities and the strength of aspiration.

So, today the Samsung Group is a real capitalist monster, it is on the 7th place in the Forbes list of “the most expensive companies in the world” for 2015 with a brand value of $ 37.9 billion. Its activities are incredibly extensive, companies included in the Samsung Group, Engaged in electronics and microelectronics, the chemical industry, construction, automotive, heavy industry, finance and credit, insurance. The structure of the concern includes a full cycle of electronics production, from the extraction of resources, their processing to finished products. But, more than 70% of brand sales are in the electronics industry. Here are some of the companies in the Samsung group:

  • electronic industry - Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Samsung SDS, Samsung Networks;
  • chemical industry - Samsung Total Petrochemicals, Samsung Petrochemicals, Samsung Fine Chemicals, Samsung BP Chemicals;
  • finance and insurance - Samsung Life Insurance, Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Samsung Card, Samsung Securities, Samsung Investment Trust Management;
  • heavy industry - Samsung Heavy Industries (the second division in the world engaged in shipbuilding), Samsung Techwin (technological weapons and optoelectronics);
  • all sorts of things - Samsung Corporation, Samsung Engineering (construction), Samsung Everland (amusement park), Samsung Cheil Industries, The Shilla Hotels & Resorts (hotels, can you imagine? among the top ten in the world).

Previously, the group also included Samsung Motors, which was obviously engaged in the production of cars, but then it was sold to the French from Renault and cars are now produced at the Renault Samsung Motors factory (Renault Koleos (Samsung QM5), Nissan Almera Classic (Samsung SM3).

By the way, most of these companies were created in order to work for other companies in the group (mostly electronic), so they are always in the shadows. But what the brand produces means ready-made products for mass use: hard drives (HDD, SSD); RAM, including SRAM (including for the production of video card chips and processors); liquid crystal monitors; LCD and plasma TVs; mobile phones of GSM, CDMA, 3G standards and with WiMAX support; equipment for IP-telephony; laptops; printers MFP; household appliances; audio equipment; video equipment; still engaged in the development of third and fourth generation wireless telecommunication networks, WiMAX; implementation of the Samsung Pay payment system. And this is not even a complete list; it also did not include mobile processors, batteries, or other devices.

In general, quite serious guys.